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coraa ([personal profile] coraa) wrote2012-06-01 05:51 pm

Cora Dinner Theater, again

It's been forever and a day since I did one of these! But I have a beautiful trout fillet in the fridge and I need to cook it some way tomorrow, and so I enlist y'all's help figuring out how, and with what. :D

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I'm a little freaked out that I and your other first responder totally chose all the same things.

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Hee! I refreshed in time to see that and thought, "Well, we have an early favorite, for sure!"
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Good taste? Plus I'm a purist with most foods!

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If you lived near me, I would invite myself over for dinner all the time.

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I will find some way to get you here when I do the Dzur feast.

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I will not miss it under circumstances!

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Hurray for people understanding that there is nothing wrong with some good asparagus.