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Lamb chops sous vide, browned in butter, are a thing of beauty and a joy forever.
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Last fancy meal before travel... (Although I hope to make some of the Washoku New Year's dishes with [ profile] rowr.)

Tonight, I'm sous vide-ing salmon to the 'rare-medium-rare' temperature of 110F, in the hopes of getting something between cooked and sashimi.

First I brined the salmon in a 10 percent salt solution for 10 minutes. (Well, no, that's a lie; first I sliced the skin off the salmon.) Then I drained and rinsed the salmon and sealed it in a sous vide bag with a drop of soy sauce and a generous pinch of grated pickled ginger, and put it in the sous vide machine at 110F.

Then I started a batch of sushi rice in the rice cooker. Yum.

Then I sliced up an acorn squash into chunks, reserving the seeds, and made a miso glaze for it. I combined red miso, ginger, sake, and rice wine vinegar with a little honey, tossed it with the squash, and baked it.

I also toasted the squash seeds in a little oil and salt.

Finally, I crisped the skin I'd removed from the salmon in a little oil. (OMG salmon skin. I had no idea. It's got the same crunch-savory thing going on as chicken skin.)

The final dish will be a bowl of warm sushi rice, mixed with wakame sushi and chopped acorn squash seeds, topped with miso-glazed acorn squash on one side and sous vide-ed gingery salmon on the other, and sprinkled with crumbled crisped salmon skin.

With apples poached in ginger sake for dessert.

I'll post pics!
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Parsnips with lemon-butter, warm German potato salad, and salmon mi-cuit. With pictures.

Also, a dose of personal nostalgia. ;)

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(It's been feeling really weird to write these -- I've been so pleased with the sous vide, which makes me excited and I want to share it, but the only way I can really do that is to talk about how well the food has come out, which basically means squeeing about my own dishes. Which feels awkwardly self-congratulatory! But the sous vide supreme really is pretty darn awesome, and a lot of the amazing things -- like the super-juiciness of the meat dishes, and the way the flavors meld -- are more it than me.)
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This is my second attempt at poached eggs. No pictures this time, because, to be perfectly honest, the eggs came out ug-lee, and the point of food posts is not to nauseate people. ;)

This was also the first real Not Really A Success with the sous vide. I'm not sure whether I'm doing something wrong, or if the finished product is just not my thing, or what. We'll see.

Eggs, eggs, beautiful eggs )

Tonight is poached salmon and parsnip puree.

(Oh, and as a coda to yesterday's experiment post: after chilling overnight, the pot de creme actually did set up perfectly, somewhere between pudding and custard. Apparently the recipe was fine, but 4 hours in the fridge wasn't enough. Good to know!)


Dec. 2nd, 2009 12:01 am
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(More on sous vide, including an Interesting Link, and Science.)

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Lemon chicken, and chocolate pot de creme for dessert.

This time there are pictures, because [ profile] sithjawa was interested in how things came out looking. Pardon my less than expert photography skills.

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Success, sez I!

So I finished the lamb by searing it very briefly (45 seconds per side) in butter, just to give it a nice crust, and then made a super-quick pan sauce with the fond and the juices.


The beets are a little bit less soft than I like -- I think next time I will jack the heat up just a tad -- but are firm and juicy and perfectly infused with the brown sugar and balsamic vinegar. Delicious. I can't wait to try with the parsnips.

The lamb chops are perfectly done, evenly pink (I cooked them medium-rare, as that's my preference for red meat) from edge to edge without the band of gray meat around the outside that you tend to get when pan-cooking them. The chops are incredibly juicy, with good but not overpowering flavor from the rub. The meat is moist and almost silky; I've never had chops this tender before.

I'll have to do my next trial with the kind of food I'd usually poach -- chicken or fish, say -- but sous vide cooking for lamb chops is a noticeable improvement on my prior lamb chop cooking method. I bet it'd be great for steaks, too.
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So I decided to go with the beets with balsamic and brown sugar, and the lamb.

Details of how I cooked it all )


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