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The cooking took a stupidly long time*, but I have finally worked out a vegetarian vegetable broth recipe I like—and with it, a vegetarian French onion soup recipe with good flavor. Yay!

* - Admittedly, most of the stupidly long time was making the vegetable broth, which could be made in large batches and then frozen in the future.
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This is one of those recipes where there's no good reason to make it except that spending a little time messing around in the kitchen sounds fun. That said, if messing around in the kitchen sounds fun, this makes some really very tasty fresh lemony ricotta, and the active time is pretty short. It's also not too difficult, and it's a cheesemaking process that requires no specialized equipment (and no rennet or bacterial cultures), although you do need some cheesecloth or muslin or a clean non-fuzzy dishtowel.

This makes a couple of cups of ricotta, ish, but you can scale it up just fine.

fresh lemon ricotta )

I'm serving mine crumbled over a fresh tomato and cucumber salad, and if there's any left, I'll drizzle it with honey and serve it alongside the watermelon for dessert.
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I was going to post the recipe for my linguini with sweet potato concasse, but the sweet potato concasse actually did not turn out all that well, so no-go, or at least not well enough for me to want to post it. If you're interested in hearing what I did and why it didn't work, though, let me know.

What did work out was the salmon with rhubarb sauce, which I will describe here!

The thought process behind it was that I wanted a sweet and sour-type sauce for the salmon, but I didn't want something with one of those really sticky-sugary sauces. A comment [personal profile] ceph had made a few months back, plus the realization that stewed rhubarb is usually both sweet and tart, led me to try this.

To give it a less dessert-y flavor, I used leeks as well as rhubarb—two small leeks (white and pale green only) to two large stalks of rhubarb. I'd say a ratio of about one part leek to two parts rhubarb.

I chopped up the leeks by splitting the stalk and then cutting it into half-moons, then rinsed thoroughly to get all the grit out. Then I heated about a tablespoon of vegetable oil in a pot over medium-high heat and cooked, stirring constantly, for about five minutes. Turned down the heat and added a pinch of salt, and let sweat until the whites were translucent and soft but not starting to brown yet.

I chopped up the rhubarb into smallish pieces and threw it into the pot along with the leeks, let the whole thing sweat about five minutes more, then covered with water and added a smidge more salt and a tablespoon of sugar. Then I simmered the hell out of the whole thing for, like, an hour, stirring very occasionally and reading a book in the meantime. (It was a very low simmer, but if the pot starts to get dry, add more water.)

Once the rhubarb has softened to the point where it's pretty much falling apart in the water, give it a taste and adjust seasonings. You will probably want more sugar, although if you like things sour/astringent, you might not. You may want more salt. You may decide that a pinch (or more than a pinch) of cayenne, or a few drops (or more than a few drops) of Sriracha, will make it even better. Or a squirt of lemon juice. Or a grind of cinnamon. Or a splash of sesame oil. Or whatever sounds good!

I served it over poached salmon, but I think it would also be lovely over fried tofu, or grilled chicken breast, or anywhere else a nice, not-too-sticky sweet and sour sauce would be appropriate.
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Thought I'd put up one of my quick and easy go-to recipes.

I'm pretty sure I stole this recipe from [ profile] greensleeves_ years and years ago. It takes only a handful of inexpensive ingredients, ten minutes of prep time, and thirty minutes of baking time. And you can dress it up or down.

It's so simple that it's not even really a recipe, and I'm a little embarrassed to post it. But I really like it! And it's easy! So.

Spaghetti Bake )

I'm making it tonight with a very simple red sauce, whole-wheat spaghetti, mozzarella and parmesan. Yum.
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When I mentioned buying cranberry beans for my cranberry beans and rice dish, [ profile] vom_marlowe asked for my recipe. So here it is! Coincidentally, I'm also making it tonight.

Beans and rice (of which cranberry beans is one of my very favorite variants, although you could sub in dried black or kidney beans if you don't have cranberry beans handy) is one of those dishes that I have made so often I can make it on instinct—my family growing up ate various bean and rice dishes often, since we liked them and they're inexpensive, and then when I was in college I made them whenever I had a stove, because, again, cheap and tasty and filling.

Because I've made it so often, it's also one of the dishes that I make without a recipe, by ear, adjusted for what I happen to have, or not have, in the pantry. So the recipe has a lot of 'if you happen to have this, then use it; otherwise, use this other thing.' It's a good recipe to play with to suit your own taste.

It can be made with meat (although the meat amount is pretty light even so) or vegetarian, or, as I am making it today, vegetarian with meat on the side, to be added by those who like it.

Cranberry Beans and Rice )
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This is for [ profile] rowr, who's coming down sick. [ profile] jmpava told her that she should get me to make her matzoh ball soup, since he thinks I make it well. (Which is quite a compliment, since I'd never made it before I met him! Although I'd made a great deal of chicken noodle and chicken rice soup. I made soup probably twice a week in high school.) Unfortunately, since she's in California and I'm in Washington, the recipe is the best I can do!

Anyway, this is easy, and quick, and not too expensive, and also warm and filling and comforting. Quantities are for two, but it scales up well. I'm including one recipe with chicken and one that's vegetarian -- the vegetarian is the one I make for Passover, because [ profile] jmpava's mother is allergic to poultry; the chicken one is the one I make for [ profile] jmpava when he's not feeling well. :)

Chicken Matzoh Ball Soup )

Vegetarian Matzoh Ball Soup )

Adjustments to make it faithhopetricks-compatible (or anyone else with alium intolerances) )
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The career fair yesterday was too long. But. I have lived!

I made this for dinner two days ago. It makes a lot of food, which was on purpose, because it freezes beautifully. You might be able to cut it down, though.

If you make the squash soup with vegetable broth or water, they're both vegetarian-friendly, though neither are vegan as written.

Butternut Squash Soup )

Waldorf Salad )


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