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This was dinner yesterday. Well, half of dinner: I wanted tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, but my nostalgia soup (canned Campbells, and yes, judge me if you want) wasn't in the house. So with some help from Cooks Illustrated and some invention, I came up with this, which was ready in half an hour.

The herb I used was rosemary, because this time of year I have plenty of it. Another time of year I would use basil, or tarragon, or savory. If you're using one of those more delicate herbs, add it with the cream rather than before the heavy simmering.

Not a low-calorie tomato soup, but a lovely, comforting one.

Tomato Soup )
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I decided not to call this 'pasta e fagioli' because I basically took the idea of 'pasta with beans' and did what I wanted with it.

It's also not properly a recipe because, frankly, the amounts and ingredients don't matter all that much. So I wrote it up in a 'if you have some of this, throw it in, and if you have some of that, throw it in, and then cook it until it smells good' way.

I made this "meat-light" (one slice of bacon for flavor), but it could be easily made meatless, and I included adjustments if you want to go that way. I'm pretty sure, if you do it vegetarian, it's also vegan.

Pasta with Fresh Beans )
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So we got this whole big flat of heirloom tomatoes from the produce box. They are delicious, and we've mostly been eating them by making a salad of sliced tomatoes and a little salt. No other ingredients. Whenever we finish with the salad for the day, I put the bowl back in the fridge; the next day I slice up more tomatoes and toss them in with the leftovers.

Since tomatoes tend to weep liquid, especially when salted, by the end of the week I had a big bowl of tomato juice. So, gazpacho!

This is my 'made-with-what's-in-the-fridge' gazpacho, which accordingly is a bit variant. I had no bell peppers, so I subbed Anaheim peppers. I had no cucumber, so, for crunch, I added tomatillos and radishes instead. It's also more big pieces and less liquid than the gazpachos I've had (ie, it's almost like a very wet salad), although looking at gazpacho pics on Google Images, it looks like the almost-a-salad style is not uncommon either.

This gazpacho recipe, like most, is pretty easy because all it requires is chopping and mixing, and the active time it takes is maybe 15 minutes (although it does need to sit). Being gazpacho it is highly acidic and contains both raw green onions and raw garlic, but it's vegan and, assuming you don't use a gluten-y vinegar, gluten-free.

Anyway, recipe below the cut! This serves two as a meal (alongside bread) or four as an appetizer.

A picture! )

Recipe: Ad-Hoc Gazpacho )

(25 bonus points to everyone who understands why I used that icon with this post!)
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This is what I made for dinner tonight. It was a Saturday dinner for a guest, and so it's got some of the "stupidly complex" about some of the steps, but, eh.

The dutch oven chicken is adapted from a Cook's Illustrated recipe, as is the salad. The watermelon is a fairly standard recipe, but the direct inspiration was from Vegetarian Times.

The tomato and etc. salad is vegetarian but not vegan; the minted watermelon is vegan.

Dutch Oven Lemon-Garlic Chicken )

Tomato, Cucumber and Etc. Salad )

Minted Watermelon )
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...well, fresh except for the roasted red peppers. And no cooking required except for the pasta itself.

Vegetarian; vegan if you leave off the cheese.

Summer pasta sauce )
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Dinner tonight! This was inspired by the fact that a) I had some nice chicken breasts, b) I hadn't used the sous vide in a while, and c) the spinach really, really needed using before it got sad.

Poached Chicken with Mushroom and Spinach Orichette )


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