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It's not done -- the whole of it will probably be 90,000 to 120,000 -- but I'm happy with my start. Yay!

And an excerpt -- very, very rough:

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NaNo progress

I have been suck at updating. But! I'm... somewhere over 20,000 words. (I don't know exactly how many, because I have all of my work scattered over several files right now.)

I'm totally in love with my city. My main character has undergone some changes. The backstory has fleshed out to an astonishing degree.

If I sit down and do nothing but write for ten minutes, I can average 500-700 words per ten minutes. This is actually kind of depressing; that being the case, I should be farther ahead!
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I've figured out what was wrong with my novel. And it's fixable. It doesn't even require many changes to what I have so far (and what changes it does need I'll make a note of, and do later). (It needs to be in multiple POV instead of single POV, and Devlet isn't a member of the Corps -- Thorkatla is the Corps member, which I knew, but I thought they were colleagues, and they aren't. All three POVs are female, which I suppose isn't too surprising from me. Well, apart form the bits of the POV from the genderless non-human.)

God, that's satisfying. Only problem is now I have to wait until work's over to actually implement.

NaNo, day 3

Nov. 4th, 2007 01:51 am
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Back in the saddle again!

Words Today: 2941
Total Words: 5371
Sentence of the Day: "Salih waited for her in a booth toward the back, along with Tsindhya, and she forced herself not to freeze and turn around when she saw Tsindhya's starved-predator shape, the irridescent scales on his-her body, the long glowing eyes and the face as carved and unreadable as a mask."
Creature Comforts: Tea.
Background Noise: The boy playing Phoenix Wright. (OBJECTION!)
Scent du Jour: Centzon Totochtin
Image of the Day: A Trap
Reason for Stopping: Drowsy.

Things have gone from Bad to Worse for our protagonist. Also, I need to work in soon that she's keeping secrets because keeping this particular secret is A Good Idea, not because she's an emo kid....

NaNo, Day 2

Nov. 3rd, 2007 12:15 am
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Definitely behind. Got some territory to make up tomorrow.

NaNo, Day 1

Nov. 1st, 2007 11:00 pm
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I was going to start with the werewolf novel. Instead I started with the steampunk. Oh well!

Manifold City

Words Today: 2060
Total Words: 2060
Sentence of the Day: "She was aware of the way her ribcage opened like a gate, and the pigeon emerged, blood-slick and self-born, and she was aware as her own eyes glassed over and her gaze became the gaze of the bird, and her arms became wings and her legs became scaled feet, clawed and hard, fierce and knobbled, and she shook herself free of her own fluids become birth-fluids."
Creature Comforts: The first fire of the season, and a frosty mug of Guinness.
Mammalian Assistance: Garnet really likes the fuzzy blue cushion. She sits on that and watches me, superciliously.
Background Noise: Fruits Basket, then Persona 3.
Scent du Jour: Bow and Crown of Conquest.
Image of the Day: Poison
Music of the Day: Thomas Newman - Drive Away
Reason for Stopping: Wanted to post this! May write a bit more today.

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I have signed up for NaNoWriMo.

(If you're signed up, too, and you want to be writing buddies -- whatever the hell that means! I've never done it before -- you can apparently do so from the above link. One more day to sign up, should the mood take you.)

Wish me luck! It's my fourth year, but it's still always a bit scary to start....

(the NaNo website is running really slow, unsurprisingly.)


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